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About Us

Our People

The Australian Oil Recyclers Association (AORA) board of Directors is:

Alex Wren


Doug Hagen


Richard Taylor


Tim Rose


Who We Are

AORA is the peak industry body representing over 95 per cent of the used oil recycling sector. We are a national organisation, and our primary objective is to advocate for the advancement of sustainable waste lube oil recycling practices and to foster a circular economy. Our members work nationally in Australia and operate 11 used oil recycling/manufacturing facilities, that include base oil and fuels refineries providing valuable commodities to other Australian manufacturing sectors that would otherwise need to be imported.
Our members also maintain a network of 44 oil storage and consolidation sites nationally collecting over 300 million litres of used oil annually from approximately 50,000 businesses such as mechanics, car dealerships, factories, service stations and heavy industry. This activity prevents this hazardous waste entering the environment.
The oil recycling industry is providing direct employment to over 600 people with over 40 additional small enterprise engaged in independent collection of used oil across Australia. It is estimated that these companies employ a further 170 people. Many of these enterprises are in regional areas. We further support thousands of indirect jobs in transport and logistics, maritime operations, mechanic workshops and fuel retailers.

What We Do

Oil does not wear out, it just gets dirty.

Naturally this means that used oil can be cleaned and re-used, over and over. Used oil can be re-refined for use as an alternative to virgin oil, dewatered and filtered for use as an additive in other products, or burned as an industrial fuel.
AORA members across Australia offer various services, ranging from collection of used oil to specialist recycling. See the members page for a complete list.

The AORA member's areas of expertise and service cover

Re-refined Oil

High Grade Fuel Oils

Mid Grade Fuel Oils

Low Grade Fuel Oils